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Friday, February 17, 2017

Tribute to Valentines Day

I know it’s late, but I just wanted to get this off my mind.
We all, in some way, share the same fears. 

Valentines day triggers two of our most primal fears:
Fear of not being loved 
Fear of not belonging

Back in prehistoric times it was essential to fit in, if you wanted to survive. Obviously the homo-erectus (humans) aren’t the strongest animals, so to survive they would form groups. These tribes would have leaders, who you would not want to disagree with, because these leaders could then ask you to leave and if that happened, one would be helpless and probably would have died. So it does in fact all go back to survival. Even today. That’s why we want to fit in and worry about what other people think about us, it all goes back to our primal instincts.

However, today we don’t have to worry tooo much about the tiger preying on us when we’re home alone, maybe about some burglars, but Kevin taught us how to handle those. We will survive even if we are alone. But that’s why it isn’t easy to accept the fact that we can and have to go on our life journeys on our own. Nevertheless, if you are lucky enough you could have friendships that will last a lifetime. Friends however cannot take away your life struggles, most of the time you have to master these on your own, but friends can make the downs in life more bearable.

Trying to fit in today is called being “cool”. Yet no one is “cool”. The state of “cool” is an illusion. Everyone is insecure about something. The only thing we can do is pretend to be all in line and self-confident, and try convincing other people that we are in fact desirable to interact with. That’s what “being cool” is all about, as stupid as it may sound. And the people who are the most convincing at it are then entitled: cool or hip or groovy... ‘Fake it ‘till you make it.’ Except maybe for Johnny Depp, he can’t possibly be pretending. We are consumed with fitting in and coolness is a product of this fear of not fitting in.

Clothing is also a kind of adaptation. With our clothes we indicate to which group we belong to or want to belong to.

Marketers used these primal instincts, to subconsciously influence our consume behaviour.

Valentines day was a holiday already practiced in the Middle Ages to prove love, however without material gifts.

Valentines day is maybe one of the best marketing schemes ever made, played on people’s fear of not being loved. Just like, Christmas and Easter. So apparently, the only way you can prove your love is on one day of the year buying all the chocolate and flowers you can get. Therefore everyone goes out and buys presents, in the hope of being loved back. People are being set under extreme pressure to consume, due to their primal instincts. And on the other side we have the extremely nerve-racking anxiety of not receiving any offerings to request for your unconditional love in return. Just to suit society’s standards.

But that is another stories kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just like every other girl in this world fevering towards Valentines Day with a sort of weird fear of not getting chocolate from my one true love, while forgetting you do in fact have other people in your life who do love you, like your mom. So, if you are still waiting for your one true love, just chill and have a nice evening with your besties on Valentines Day…or your mom.

In fact my ‘valentine’ came two days later (we live 800km apart) and we had a very nice dinner date on his birthday, with no pressure from some made up holiday.


 Jacket - Saint Laurent

Blouse - Noisy May

Leather pants - Similar 
Boots - Similar
Bag - Zara

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