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Monday, March 6, 2017

What we all should do

The last couple of weeks haven't been easy; to top it all off, my dog passed away.
I got her for Christmas when I was 6 and had her for almost 16 years. We grew up together. It shattered my world and truly shook me to my Core. The most vital parts of my being were left exposed.  Being confronted with death, especially death in the family (because our animals are all family to us), really makes you contemplate your priorities and puts your whole life into perspective again.
As it is, we only have this one life and we shouldn’t waste it. This sounds cheesy and cliché, I know, but it is true. When it comes down to it, what do you really want to do with your life? Not in a short-term perspective, in long term! What is genuinely important? Who is important?  I think these are things we should think about everyday and not only in an event of sickness or death. Taking what you have (and I don’t mean materialistic things) for granted will lead us to never reaching our full potential. Which creates regret and aside from death, all humans fear one thing: Regret. They fear it so much they even get tattoos saying; “no regrets” or “never regret”. The paradox thing about it is we hold back from doing things so we don’t regret and in the end we regret because we didn’t do the things we wanted to do, just because we were too afraid to regret. Just do it and learn.
Letting go of unnecessary stress is essential to concentrate on the important things and saves energy. I think a good measure to see if something is worth your time and energy, is if it will be relevant to you or affect you in a year’s time or even in five years. I know this is hard to tell sometimes if something will affect you in the future, you never know, but it makes it easier to let go of trivial anger.
I am writing this, as if I had everything figured out, but I definitely don't. However, I am in the process of changing my perspective and I feel like writing this down makes it easier, more tactile. And maybe there is someone else who needs to read this to change their perception of things.
I just feel like we take too much for granted and get held up too much by petty little things, which ultimately don’t matter.


 Hat - Seeberger
Poncho - Ralph Lauren
Leather pants - Simiar
Boots - Chloé
Bag - Vintage
Earrings - H&M

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