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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Women have a Different Perspective

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!

When I was taking these quick shots with a friend and I realised once again how different guys and girls take pictures.
Obviously, I don’t have a professional photographer. I just hand over the camera to whoever is with me and let them go for it.

And when I do that, I have noticed differences between women and men when taking the pictures. Considering every individual has their own style. I feel like women have a different visual appreciation. Even if she never held a proper camera in her hands before (except of course their iPhone camera ;D), they naturally find aesthetically pleasing angles. At least in my eyes. Aesthetics is at the end of the day subjective. 
However, women do biologically view things differently. Women do in fact have a different aesthetic. I even found some studies saying that women find a real looking image more appealing, as appose to men who are more attracted to abstract art. Maybe it is because women are more empathetic and are better at bringing across emotions.
However, essentially everyone has a different perspective so one cannot generalize, and set apart women a whole group. 

So what I don't understand is; why aren’t there more female photographers. It is so stunning to me, that there are so many more famous male photographers, than female.
I just don’t understand why there is such an uneven distribution, if woman have such a natural eye for aesthetics. Or maybe I do …  
It is a whole other social issue in itself, which goes way deeper.
I wish talented female photographers would get just as much attention as male photographers. The more perceptions of a subject are exhibited the better. 

Well that was just something that got me thinking.

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