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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Heimat Hafen


What is home? I know it is cliché and everyone and their mom has milked this cow of a topic, but all I can think about when looking at these pictures is home.

I feel like I read a thousand stories and articles about this topic. Home is where your heart is bla blabla …

Nevertheless, for me this topic is very relevant at the moment as I am on the verge of leaving my lifelong home city, Hamburg, and embarking on a new adventure in a new home city ... London.

And the saying is true! ‘Home is where your heart is.’

Ever since the first time I visited, I lost a piece of my heart in London. I can’t really describe why, I’ve just get this homely feeling whenever I’m there. From then onwards it has always been on my agenda to move to London.

The city is international, modern, inspiring and culturally so diverse. And even though it is this huge Metropolitan, in certain parts of central London it still feels like a very intimate suburban community. Not least because of the beautiful Parks, small or big scattered all over London. Remember that one scene in Notting Hill when Huge Grant and Julia Roberts break into this private garden. Magical.

I am very exited and sad at the same time to leave, obviously with some concerns about the whole political situation. However, one must dare to truly live.




Coat - Isabel Marant

Blouse - Scotch and Soda

Jeans - Current Elliott

Boots -Stuart Weitzman

Jewelry - Vintage

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